Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smallest 32GB USB Drive

"This 32GB Pico NAND Flash USB drive just launched by Super Talent who is reporting that it’s the world’s smallest at the moment measuring only 31 x 12 3 mm and weigh around 5g. It’s encased in a water resistant casing, has transfer speeds up to 30MB/sec and is available in six new models in two tiers.
The Pico C Gold, Pico C Nickel and Pico E Gold, with the former two having either nickel- or 24K gold-plated steel casings, and the latter having a 24K gold-plated sliding lid make up the first tier. Whereas the second tier are available in the same finishes that include AES-256 hardware encryption. All six will be a available this week and start at $85 rising to $99 for the hardware encryption models"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happily Dancing Down the Aisle

I saw this vid from my friend's blog. Now i wanna share it with you too.
What a hilarious wedding entrance! c",)
Indeed an unforgettable one.
You should really watch this.

Fire Up with Wild Blue

Tired of using your old and slow internet connection? Still using dial-up? If so, maybe it’s time to get rid of that out of date link and try something else. Somewhat new and something faster. Something easy to switch over with. Maybe you should try the dish network. What I’m really talking about is Satellite Internet. This new technology is really quite interesting. Though I cannot assure you it’s the fastest internet connection, the speed is already perfect for homes and even small offices and this is definitely better than dial-up. That I can guarantee. Now if you’re giving this information a thought, I’ve just got the perfect provider for you. Let me recommend Wild Blue Internet.

Powered by two great satellites that carry lightning - fast Internet service, indeed Wild Blue is perfect for you. You don’t need to worry anymore about your location in the US because Wild Blue Satellite Internet can reach you anywhere you are. That is, as long as you are within US territory though. It’s completely independent from cables and telephone wires. The installation is also pretty easy. All you need is their 26” satellite mini dish and a modem. They install all these for you too. Find out more about Wild Blue and learn about there packages and other deals. Also, feel free to call them and ask your personal question directly. They will be glad to answer you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quirky's Split Stick

This is the new Split Stick from Quirkys which is a double-sided USB drive that allows you to keep your personal and business files separate. You can decide how you’d like to split your drive by selecting your own text or choosing icons from quirkys icon Gallery which are then laser etched onto the USB drive during the ordering process. The quirky Split Stick is two, two-gigabyte retractable USB drives that are built into one slim (four gigabyte) stick.

MainGear eX-L 18

"The eX-L introduces a new level of extreme gaming notebooks. With two integrated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280m video cards working together with NVIDIA SLI technology, this notebook offers incredible system performance and game-dominating power. Sporting Intel’s new Mobile Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme and Core™ 2 Quad processors, you are able to experience the world’s highest performing mobile processors. Featuring add-ons such as dual hard disk drive support with RAID 0 and 1 capabilities, Next-Generation 802.11n wireless with an Intel® WiFi Link 5300 series wireless adapter, 2GB Intel® Turbo Memory support, and including built-in features such as Bluetooth 2.0, Biometric Fingerprint Security, Backlit Keyboard with Numeric KeyPad, 7-in-1 Card Reader, Optional Blu-Ray drive support and more, this notebook truly offers it all."

Friday, July 24, 2009

All Will Rise Again

The Auto business is one of the most affected industries of the global financial crisis that we are still facing up to now. It had its worst downfall last year and early this year. In fact, I saw a news article in the net that in the US, the light truck models suffered an 18 percent decline last year and fell even worse by 35 percent this year. That is really bad. Well, as they say, what goes up must come down. But luckily it doesn’t end there. Everything will eventually rise again little by little.

Now, the industry has shown some signs of progress and experts predict that there will be an annual sales increase by 2010. One chief factor leading to the improvement of the auto market conditions in the US is the conclusion of the doubt surrounding the bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler. It would be a great loss to the industry if these two big names will just disappear. But good news because both materialized from their reorganizations. Another factor is government sponsored incentives like offering cash for clunkers program. It gives consumers incentives to trade in old cars for new models. That’s a good start. We all really look forward to the continuing rise of the auto industry again. And I really hope all will go back to normal in the near future so that we can appreciate further the new upcoming models of the different car companies just like for example the 2010 Lincoln MKT. It’s a model I recommend you to watch. But it’s just one of the many interesting models you ought to see for yourselves.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Continue Time Clock

You have to check this out!
The design of the clock is really unique and amazing.
The mechanism is explained below.

From Youtube:
"On this Continue Time clock, two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer, instead of the central point on the clock face, as with traditional clocks. The resulting kinetic artwork, and functional clock, is continuously changing its shape during a full rotation of twelve hours. While creating mesmerizing patterns on your wall the pointers are still read as with any traditional clock."

For Your Future Website

Not everyone knows the definition or what is really meant by web hosting. Well for the information of everybody, from a straightforward explanation, web hosting is a kind of internet hosting service (service that runs internet servers) that allows people to provide their very own website that is accessible to everyone via the World Wide Web (www). That means we need a web host to create our personal or even a business site. It’s like the backbone of our website. Lots of web hosting services are now available on the internet and are increasing in number. And again, there is the dilemma of choosing which is the best or the appropriate web hosting service that will suit our needs. If you have the latter problem and looking for a reasonably priced web hosting service, let 4 Cheap Web Hosting help you with that.

It offers unprejudiced guide to low-priced Web hosting services. They can help you settle on the finest deal for your definite needs. They also have Web Hosting tutorials and a list of their top ten Web hosting companies. What’s most interesting for me about this site is how they rank their top ten companies using their 4Value rating system. Sadly, they did not specify how this works but they gave a rough idea though. So if you’re interested, you can visit the site for more info. It’s a good start on developing your own website in the future.

A Game Worth a Try

Poker is one of the card games usually found in casinos that are rising rapidly when it comes to popularity both online and real life. Even in social networking sites, Poker applications can be found. Well, can’t blame them. It is really a fun and addictive game (especially when you play it in real life) suitable for all walks of life. Yah I know nothing beats real life experience but we also know not all of us can play in actual casinos. That’s why most average people forget about that and focus their attention to online casinos. Why not? It’s more convenient. You can just sit back, relax and play all night if you like. That is the benefit of online casinos. So if you plan to play Poker online, look for a dependable casino to play in. But if you’re having problems looking or just lazy to find one, let GamblingReview help out.

It is the oldest online source for the different casino games like Blackjack, Slots and Poker. Being the oldest, they “provide responsible reviews of online casinos and rankings of internet gambling sites”. And if you really want to know more about Poker, they have entries discussing the basic definition, history and background of the different online casino games. Actually they have lots of cool and interesting sections in their site. You can browse them freely if you want. They have more nice things to offer and these are just the few.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meet Choken Bako

Now this is a fun way to save money.
This is the Choken Bako robotic dog bank.
Place a coin in the dogs bowl and watch as he swallows the coin and it disappears from the bowl.
See it for yourself!

Search Your Dream Car

Despite the global financial crisis we are facing right now, for some people, particularly men, a car is still a must have liability. Yes, even if it is a liability, a car is fairly useful in some ways especially if there’s an emergency and also for long distance travels, having an auto is more convenient and more comfortable than riding on a bus and all. But overall, who doesn’t want a car anyway? All of us want one, right? Even women drive coupes. And you know you can look for your prospect cars online. I’m telling you this because if you’re setting up to purchase your very own automobile, TheCarConnection is the finest online guide for you.

“The Web’s Automotive Authority” and “Your First Stop for Vehicle Shopping”, that’s what TheCarConnection is. TCC offers a full source for updated car news and reviews, car shows and other relevant information. Get also expert advice and tips at TCC in acquiring your car. Here, you can watch and put side by side new model cars to compare. From sedans like the 2009 Audi A4 and the 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX, to SUV’s like the 2009 Saturn VUE. You can also look at the latest luxury car models of Buick. These are just a few. There are lots of things (particularly cars) you can see at TheCarConnection. You can visit the site if you want. It is open to all comers and who knows, maybe you’ll see your next dream car there.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Ink Calendar

Saw this one again from the guys at GeekyGadgets. Indeed a very unique calendar from a Spanish Designer.
At the start of each month a bottle of ink is placed on the calendar, and the ink slowly penetrates the calendar throughout the month to display the date.
Not so clear to you? Watch the pics below.

Now, got it? c",)

Ease Your Pain

Every single person on this vast earth will eventually grow old. And as we grow older, we experience lots of body pain and illnesses mainly because of our lifestyle. Somatic pains are very common to us and this includes arthritis, tendonitis, and most kinds of headaches, neck and shoulder pain, foot pain and low back pain. These kinds of pain are typically aching, sore, and knifelike. But thanks to technology and science, lots of remedies and drugs are available in the market to relief you. One of the most effective drugs to treat moderate to sever hurting is Tramadol. Tramadol tablets are a common prescription you can get from any doctor. There are drugs like Tramadol for sale online and for the convenience of everybody who might need this drug in the future, there’s a site that will help you on your question on where to buy Tramadol? Check Bluebook for Tramadol and I’ll recommend

In 2006, was prepared by a medical doctor to aid consumers save money on buying painkiller drugs. They verify credentials of online pharmacies and they let you compare Tramadol prices with no trouble at all. For a fast and safe way to buy drugs, check and let them help you with your burden.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Key USB Drive

The concept of a key Flash Drive is not new to us. But this one is just exeptionally unique, simple, cute, super slim and it only weighs a gram. The Key USB Drive comes in a variety of funky colors, including red, purple, blue, brown and black. You can also hook these to others keys too if you want.

Technical Specs:
  • Capacity: 4GB
  • Size: 57x24x2mm
  • Weight: 1g

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nike+ Sport Band

"Nike has announced their latest Nike+ SportBand which will come in a variety of funky colors including grey with pink, yellow with black and red with black. The Nike+ SportBand is designed to be used by athletes and it displays a host of information including calories burned, distance, time and pace.
Some of the features in the new model include an improved display with a white background that makes it easier to read your stats, as well as a welded seal for added water resistance."

For the UK Gamblers

For the past, I’ve made entries to guide US players where to play online casinos that accept them. But now I am thinking, what about the players who belong to other parts of the world? Are there online casinos that accept them too? Well as a start, I saw a site that has a list of casinos online which are exclusive or should I say, top priority are UK players. That sounds good for the people in UK who want to play. If you feel that this might be interesting, then have a look at is an online gaming guide for the Best UK Casinos Online solely for the casino gamblers living in the United Kingdom. They boast about their exceeding researched and detailed reviews which are written by their well-informed staff of casino surfers who have been examining and reviewing online casinos for years. They also offer free of charge software downloads. There you will find many UK Casinos that will propose Big Big bonuses just for downloading their software and making a deposit. Well isn’t that great? But there’s more. Best UK Casinos Online will let you know which casino sites are of good quality and which are not and you should avoid. Give it a try now!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The SwissMiniGun

Measuring just 5.5cm long, the SwissMiniGun is the world’s smallest pistol manufactured in the world today, and from the looks of the photo above it is definitely and literary really really small for a gun.
The SwissMiniGun uses special 2.3mm caliber bullets and if you think the price is as small as the pistol, hmm... I don't know about that but maybe $6,000 is cheap for some people.

One-armed Bandits Online

The slot machine; a very popular casino gambling device with three or more rolls which spin as soon as a button is pressed. Sometimes they are also known as one-armed bandits since the first slots were operated by a single lever and also of their ability to run off the gamblers bankrupt. Knowing their reputation, still lots of people are playing slots. Maybe the tension and the thrill of winning big is what keeps them wanting to play. You, are you fond of playing slots? Or maybe just want to try for the first time but the problem is these do not exist in your place. Well for those who just want to experience the excitement of playing slots, the most convenient thing you can do is to play online. Yes, there are lots of online slots available on the internet. If you feel like trying, can lead you to the best accessible online slots. is a total guide source for online slots and at the same time a casino portal. They have information about how slots work and you'll also find slot machine strategies and slot machine tips that will really desire you to read. They have piled up numerous slot machine reviews for casinos, both online and real. You can visit the site for more explanations and information about online slots. Enjoy!

LG Chocolate BL40

"A video has appeared on the web featuring the latest version of the LG Chocolate mobile phone, and from the specifications and footage of the new LG Chocolate this looks like one of the coolest new mobile phones.

The new LG Chocolate comes with a 4 inch (diagonal) LCD display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 800 x 345, other specifications include 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity, a Flash based 3D UI, a multi touch interface and AGPS."

3D Digi Cam by Fujifilm

A lot has changed in the world of photography over the years. Fujifilm was one of the early digital camera pioneers and the company is set to launch a new camera that may well usher in the next era in digital photography. The camera is called the FinePix Real 3D System and it allows you to shoot 3D images.

The camera uses dual lenses and has a 10-megapixel resolution. To view the 3D images users can put them on a special 3D enabled digital photo frame or print them with a special 3D printing process that needs no glasses to view.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Messless Charger

Basically designed to solve the problem of all those annoying wires of each gadget you have, the messless charger will charge up to four gadgets at once with style and clarity. It comes with a variety of adapters including iPod, iPhone, Nokia handset ports, Sony Ericsson and mini USB. Definintely a perfect gadget to have.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cheap Eyeglasses Online

Vacation is almost over and school season is fast approaching. It won’t be long; it’s back to school again for the children. For the parents, are you starting to prepare your child for school again? You know, the usual stuff like buying notebooks, new pair of shoes, a new bag and if your child is wearing eyeglasses, maybe a new pair of glasses will be nice too. I know those prescription glasses really cost a couple of dollars in optical shops and they just get lost or break easily by your child. But what if I tell you that you can skip those optical shops and purchase $8 Rx eyeglasses? Yes, you saw it right. You can buy prescription glasses online for as low as 8 bucks. I’m sure you can save a lot of money. And you can thank Zenni Optical for that.

Zenni Optical is the leading online store for cheap yet fashionable eyeglasses. They offer a very large variety of eyeglasses on there site with detailed information. You can also watch Zenni Optical on TV to see them. It’s really more convenient than going to optical shops. You just need to type in your prescription information and Zenni Optical will do the rest. So don’t hassle yourself anymore in buying eyeglasses for your child and maybe for you too. For me and for the others who’ve tried, it’s a High Five to Zenni Optical.

Wrist Watch Tattoo

"I don’t know if this next product is some sort of joke, but it feels like a sick one. If the photo to the left here was a video, you might see what I am talking about.

What you see in the picture is not some guy with a stamp of “01:35” on his wrist, but those numbers change as time goes by.

Yes, this is a wristwatch that is somehow implanted onto your wrist. It uses the natural kinetic energy for power, and it uses a wireless signal to sync up to an external clock to make certain your wrist is always on time.

So this an electric tattoo of a watch that is always there, no matter what. It is even planned to have the numbers glow when you hold your wrist up to view the time. I can’t help but wonder if this guy has the month and day on his left wrist.

Okay, I personally think that a device like this is some kind of unnatural relationship between technology and humanity. I mean, we’re not far off from Borg technology with something like this."

Speed Up with Hughes Net

Tired of using your dial-up connection? Well I am. Aside from the hassle set-up, connecting to the internet through dial-up is so out of date and the transfer rate is really slow. That’s why making deals on the internet and other transactions won’t be that easy. But we can’t deny the fact that cable and DSL connections are not available in all regions especially in the rural areas. But thanks to satellite technology, satellite internet is now available and you can connect to the internet anywhere you are with high speeds. Now, are you ready to change your dial-up connection? If so, I’ve got the best satellite internet provider just for you. Let me introduce to you Hughes Net Internet.

HughesNet is the leading satellite internet provider today and allows you to connect 24/7 with broadband speeds up to 50 times quicker than dial-up. That’s made possible by the latest satellite internet technology used by HughesNet. Just imagine how much more you can do in just minutes and save time with that speed! You can pay bills and shop online, do research, and surf the web hassle free. Even rural internet in Texas can be possible with HughesNet. As long as there is clear line of sight from the dish to the satellite, then you are good to go. So get rid of that dial-up connection and set your phone line free. Try HughesNet now!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bandage Rug Protects Your House

The Bandage rug will protect your floor and carpet from any forms of dirt or mud brought by your shoes and slippers same way a conventional bandage protects your cut. But i think this is only good for houses with a wide doorstep. Don't you think?

Directory for G's

For all online gamers slash gamblers out there and for those who are still planning to play and gamble, know first the online casino you are playing and you’re going play with. Because not all Casinos Online are good and friendly, some sites are now helping you with the problem of choosing a casino online and is one of them. is a top rated online casino directory providing gamblers with casino review guides on things like online casino softwares and casino bonus proposals. There, you will also find online casino news and current events. Because online gambling is fast growing and constantly changing, gamers should always be updated and gives you that. Their Casino Checklist explains to you what to look for in a very good casino. They also have a beginner’s guide to provide newbies support so that they will not be na├»ve or ill prepared in playing online games. Lots of things and stuff are provided to you by .Its like an all-in-one package guide and support for all the serious gamers and gamblers. So, if you are searching for one of the best online casinos to bet your stake, this site will help you where to play casino games both for free and for real money.

Gambling 101

Gambling is like a part of Life for some people. But it’s not like they have ludomania that they still have the urge to gamble despite some bad consequences already. They just want to have fun after a hard days work. And the number one destination for gamblers is as always, the casinos. I don’t know why but maybe non-casino gambling games are not so trusted and are easy to manipulate. And perhaps another thing is you can play lots of games on a casino like table games, pachinko, slots, etc. But then again, here comes the very common problem among gamblers. We know not all gamblers live in Vegas or “Vegas” like cities and perhaps this includes you. And for you and them who live in distant places, playing in these cities is like next to impossible. So, do you want an alternative way to enjoy? Result to online gaming. I know it’s not as thrilling as the actual, but its fun trust me. Are you interested? C’mon try it and I’ll recommend you gambling 101 to guide you on your way. is an online gambling guide with lots of information on poker rooms, USA online casinos and sportsbooks. They pride themselves of maintaining the most up to date and accurate reviews, bonus offers, tips and news. You can play any kind of casino games like video poker, blackjack and the one I urge you to try, the Online Slots for FREE! For more information about this influential site when it comes to gambling guides, drop by Learning to gamble has never been easier.

Lessons on a T-shirt

First you get the money,
Next you get the power,
Then you get the woman...

And this is what Super Mario Bros. teach little children..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sonny Vaio W to replace P

After the not so successful launch on the P, Sony makes it up with the Vaio W. The specs are mostly standard netbook: a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 160GBs of hard drive space, 1GB of RAM, Windows XP, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n, VGA out, Ethernet, two USB ports, a webcam and a MemoryStick / SD card reader. But more interesting is the chiclet style keyboard and the widescreen 1366 x 768 LED backlit screen, which seems to be a direct tweak of the nose at Windows XP’s netbook pricing.

Every Man's Dream

To own and drive a car is every man’s dream. I’m sure all men or most of them will agree with me and maybe the girls will agree too, right girls? I don’t know what drives us men the passion for cars. Maybe it’s just so ‘cool’ to have one especially if you own a coupe and drive it around the city. In the past, only elite people can afford to purchase a car of their own with ease. But now, even the ordinary people can make their dreams a reality. And that’s by availing of auto loans with good or bad credits. That’s right, even bad credit auto loans are available. And if you’re one of the people with bad credits and still want to own a car, take a look at what has to offer.

Auto Finder connects with banks, dealers, and lenders in every state in the US that will approve loans for clients who have previous bankruptcy and repos. . They’ve been processing thousands of loan application every year. Auto loans for clients with credit, good or bad, depends on these five things.

- Ability to pay back the car loan

- Length of employment

- Time at residence

- Credit history

- Value of the item you are purchasing

Bad credit auto loan lenders may require more information to approve your loan though. But that’s reasonable. Just be sure to select and apply in the state where you live in to avoid hassle. In addition, TheAutoLoanFinder also has auto classifieds, car dealers and a car finance sections if you are planning to acquire a new car. If you have more queries or maybe interested in their offer, feel free to visit Good luck!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pico USB Drive

Technology is really getting smaller but more powerful nowadays. And this just proves it. A drive so small that could hold up to 16 GB of memory. I hope the size is enough to hold it with ease. Nevertheless, it's cute and very much portable that you could it loose without noticing. LOL
The Pico Mini USB drive is waterproof and available in sizes from 2 GB to 16 GB of storage and uses a USB 2 interface supporting transfer speeds up to 200X.

Read Before Playing

Have your friends been endlessly convincing you to play casino online? You want to try it out yourself? Then go ahead! There’s no harm in trying to have enjoyment once in a while. It’s really fun! But wait right there just for a split second. Did your friends tell you that not all online gambling sites are trusted and legit? If that’s the case, no worries buddy! There are lots of sites that sincerely help out people like you and for free. One of that sites and I personally urge you to visit is

A free of charge guide to help out US players locate protected and entertaining online casino gambling targets, that’s’s all about. In accordance with their main objective, they also rank good quality USA player accepted casinos according to bonus size, payout rate, and customer support, number of games, deposit selections, graphics and easiness of use. They are not just ranked by ordinary players but by pro poker and blackjack players. also provides reviews for their top ten online casino sites. The site just started in 2006 and is continuing to be of service to online gamblers, new and old. So there’s no way you’ll stumble on other suspicious online casino sites when is around.