Sunday, August 15, 2010

Try Rascasino

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cyglo LED Bike Tires

If you want to make sure you are seen whilst out cycling at night, you may want to check out these fun Cyglo LED bike tires. The Cyglo LED bike tires have LEDs embedded in the rubber, and as soon as your wheels turn they will give off a circle of light around your tire.

The Cyglo LED bike tires were created by UK inventor James Tristram, and they are powered by the wheel turning, so there is no need for extra batteries to keep them working.

There are no details as yet on when these fun bicycle tires will be available or how much they will cost, you can find out more details over at Cyglo.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Binocular Camera

If you’re an enthusiastic wildlife photographer then this combination binocular camera from Tokyo’s gadget manufacturer Thanko will help you capture those rare sightings for bragging rights.

The UDGZDC8M combination binocular camera weighs approximately 450g and is equipped with 4 x digital zoom camera and 8 x zoom binoculars and has a 1.5 inch LCD screen for menu navigation.

The binocular camera takes a SD/MMC memory card up to 16GB in size and captures WVGA Quality video at 320×240, 30fps stored as .avi files and still images at a resolution of 4,032×3,024. The device is fitted with a super slow USB 1.1 port and is powered by 4 x AAA batteries.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Laser Guided Scissors

Having trouble cutting straight edges on your wrapping paper while packing presents? Well don’t bother with the ruler and pencil, just invest a little hard earned cash on these fantastically geeky laser guided scissors, for perfectly straight lines every time.

It’s a shame that the laser doesn’t automatically cut through the paper for you and save you the trouble of using the scissors.But I’m sure in a few years something along those lines will be available and researches are currently busy developing such a gadget for Christmas in the near future.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

London's City Wide WiFi To Come Before Olympics

London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson has promised to bring city wide WiFi to London prior to the 2012 Olympics. Boris Johnson was speaking at a Google event in Hetfordshire and he has promised that every lamp post and every bus stop in London will one day very soon have WiFi. The project is called ‘Wireless London’ and it is part of Boris Johnson’s try to make London the technological center of the World.

Whether or not they will be able to put this into operation before the 2012 Olympics remains to be seen, as a number of cities around the world have tried to pull this off before without much accomplishment. There are no details on whether the WiFi will be free, or if you will have to pay some sort of fee to use it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update Your Drivers In Just Minutes

One thing we should do in order for our computers to function properly is to update all our drivers because outdated drivers may lead to reduced PC performance or hardware malfunction. Drivers are very essential to any computer since they let the operating system communicate with the computer hardware. Computer parts require a driver because they do not employ typical commands.

Drivers are downloadable and can be found online. But it can really take us hours of searching before we can find the correct one. Luckily, I’ve stumbled on a site that can answer our problems within minutes. It’s pretty mind-boggling but it’s a fact. DriverAccess can fix outdated drivers in a jiffy. Driver Access is a software that swiftly finds the current drivers that fit your computer. It’s easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface.

With this, you won’t experience anymore the hassle of finding all those drivers. Visit now and start updating your drivers too. The software is assured 100% safe. So don’t worry about any viruses or malware that may come with it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cord-Free Tetra Nightlight

With totally no cords attached to this nightlight, you can put it anywhere you like. You won’t be restricted by the location of outlets within your home. Just find a dark corner that you’d like to brighten up and leave it there. It’s actually made for a child’s room, but it won’t discriminate between adults and children. It’d be happy to offer light to all ages.

This looks like an odd little milk carton, so it would be even cuter if your child has a toy kitchen of some kind. To turn it on you just press the button that’s directly on the bottom. You won’t have to be troubled about it hurting anyone, because it doesn’t have a single hot spot on the light. In order to keep it powered you just need 3 AAA batteries.

Try Lock Bumping

Believe it or not but there will always come a time that you just simply forget something. I mean really a “thing”. One common object that we usually forget is our keys. It maybe keys to the house, keys to the car or even keys to your vault or something. We usually fail to remember to bring our keys with us or where we’ve put them previously. Well that’s ok when you have an extra key along with you. But what if you don’t have a spare key at all?

You should try lock bumping. It’s a lock picking method for opening a pin tumbler lock using a specially-crafted bump key. This is very useful especially when you’re in a hurry and forgot to bring your keys. When used accurately, a bump key can easily and rapidly unlock just about any lock the key fits into. Yes, there are bump keys for different key brands. That includes a Schlage bump key. Bump keys are available online if you’re interested in buying. You can choose from a single bump key to a set of bump keys. But you can make a bump key of your own if you want. Tutorials in using bump keys are also available online.

Just remember one thing though. I’m sharing this method because this was made to help people and NOT to intrude other people’s property. It’s still up to you. Peace guys!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Digital Storm 4.4GHz Black OPS Assassin Gaming PC

Digital Storm has added another gaming PC to their range, the Digital Storm Black Ops Assassin, from the looks of the specifications the Black OPS Assassin is designed to be a serious gaming PC. The Black OPS Assassin comes with a choice of Intel Core i7 processors, with the top one being a factory overclocked Core i7-930 that has a speed jump to 4.4GHz.

You can choose up to 12GB of DDR3 RAM, and storage comes in a range of hard drives up to 2TB and solid state drives up to 256GB, there are also aa wide choice of graphics options which include NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 480 and ATI’s RAdeon HD 5870.

Friday, May 7, 2010

LOLA Humanoid Robot

A group of German researchers has developed an interesting robot called LOLA. LOLA is a humanoid robot that walks on two legs at a snail’s pace right now. The researchers hope to increase her speed to that of the average walking human in the future.

The cool part is that LOLA can walk around all on her own using the pair of HD webcams she has for eyes to avoid obstacles. The robot is 180cm tall, weighs in at 60kg, and has 25 joints in its body.

New Swatch Watch Concept

Designed by Allen George, this concept Swatch watch design is aimed at a young market that needs a vigorous timepiece which can take knocks but preserve a unique style.

Allen’s design has removed the glass completely which has been replaced by a rubberized protection pad that allows only the tips of the hands to be viewed at the edge.

The design echoes one of the very first Swatch watches to be launched by Swatch which was completely black. Unfortunately this design is currently only a concept.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paw Plunger for your Dogs

Alright dogs need to go outside to do their business, even on exceptionally rainy days. Then when they go traipsing through the house they leave their muddy footprints all over the floor. Now with kids you can bellow out for them to wipe off their feet, making it so you don’t have to mop every 2 minutes. Sadly yelling that out to the dog usually just makes them drop their head and leave the footprints a little slower than normal. This Paw Plunger may look silly, but at least it keeps your carpets clean.

On the inside it has soft bristles, then you just slowly move their paws up and down within the plunger. That is after you fill it up with some warm water. The bristles will knock off all of that dirt and the water cleans off any excess dirt. You can also apparently use it to do medicinal soaks and to melt the ice balls that attach themselves to your dog’s paws.

The Rain Drum Concept

If you’ve ever enjoyed the way the rain sounds when it hits a metal roof, then you’ll love this umbrella. It keeps you dry, but not like other umbrellas. Others just give soft little pitter patters, whereas this one will sound more like a drum. Sure, you’ll probably make everyone else around you a little crazy, but at least you’ll have a little rhythm while you’re out walking in the rain.

The umbrella has all sorts of sections on it that makes it look a bit like a toy drum set. Each one of those parts will make a different sound when the raindrops hit. It has a snare, tom-tom and bass drum. Plus a crash symbol and a hi-hat symbol. Of course this is only a pretty little concept design as of now, so there won’t be any way to purchase it for a while if ever.

The Broom Groomer

If you do not have the ability to purchase a vacuum cleaner and still rely on good old hand power using a broom, why not settle for the most efficient broom possible? That is now available in the form of the Broom Groomer, where it comes with a row of rubber teeth protruding from the back end of the dust pan to clean the broom’s bristles when you’re done sweeping, doing away with dust bunnies for good.

Apart from that, there is a built-in foot rest at the dustpan handle, letting you steady the dustpan for hands-free sweeping. The body of the Broom Groomer itself is made out of hard, durable plastic, featuring rubber accents on the handle grip, wall-hanging hole, bristle cleaning teeth, and front edge guard.

ClamCase for the Ipad

Are you still missing a portable full size keyboard for your iPad? The Clamcase can help you convert your iPad back into a laptop. Once your iPad is inserted into the case the keyboard connects to the iPad via Bluetooth.

It seems like a good idea on the surface but it might be missing the whole point of the iPad and running a keyboard via Bluetooth will definitely eat your batteries to the core over time.

Unfortunately there aren’t many other details available at the moment but the Clamcase is expected to be shipping sometime in the fall this year.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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To sum it all up, Casino Club provides remarkable bonuses, great software, and a variety of exciting games.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Reliable and Safe USA Online Casinos Directory

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Looking for a One Stop Baby Shop?

For starting families, bringing a baby home is one of the most memorable experiences they will ever have. But with all the arrangements for getting ready for a new baby, nine months may not seem nearly enough time. The last few months of pregnancy would even mean an even longer list of things to do which includes what to bring to the hospital, choosing the best pediatrician, and the baby’s medical coverage. However, the most important it would seem is to prepare your home in welcoming the newborn. Preparing the nursery is one of the most major things and perhaps the most exciting part for expectant couples. Aside from picking out the perfect color for wallpapers and paint, parents must make sure to get the best baby furniture available. What better way to do this than to shop these fixtures online! is an online baby store which offers a wide variety of designer cribs, beddings and even decors for the nursery. Other than setting up the baby’s sleeping haven, parents-to-be must also put into consideration other baby essentials like a changing table and baby dressers all of which are available of just about any name brand at Truly a one stop baby shop!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unsecured Financing: Fast and Easy!

In general, any kind of business whether big or small, new or established, needs the financial support to run the business operations until it begins to make profit. This would include funding initial costs and needs or bringing in additional capital for business development. One great way to solve this dilemma is to apply for an unsecured small business loan. Why? Because unsecured small business loans require no collateral and approvals are fast thus funding is received immediately. But with the worsening global economy crisis, it would be difficult to win the trust of the banks and lenders which usually require strict and intricate procedures for business loans.

Are you thinking of opening up a business or expanding your trade but couldn’t get the monetary aid to support it? is here to the rescue! You can apply for small business loans in 30 seconds and get approvals in one to three days. You can even get funding in 7 to 10 days. Though their promises would sound unbelievable and idealistic, continues to shock their clients with their success rate as they are experienced and have been processing small business start-up loans since 2002. They make sure that your loan application gets approved the first time by offering you their knowledge in the preparation of your application.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Marion Hyper-Sub

This is a mini submarine you wouldn’t want to miss. The Marion is able to achieve 75 kilometers per hour on top of the water with an 880 horsepower engine. That seems a little fast for a sub.

What we really want is it to go under the water so, it can go to depths of 250 feet. So far, test dives have clocked this thing at going one hour and 45 minutes using cabin air submerged. Granted, that isn’t long enough to do much, but hey, it’s submersible! I have no idea of its speed underwater.

The Marion Hyper-sub powerboat is clearly designed to be the envy of the yacht club. It has an awesome transparent roof as well as a cool streamlined design. The front has the fins of a Cadillac!

Well, I don’t know what something like this will cost, but as the saying goes: “if you have to ask, then you can’t afford it”.

The New Sony Waterproof W250 Walkman

Sony added another new Walkman to their range with the launch of the Sony W250 Walkman. The Sony W250 Walkman is wearable and is designed for sport and active lifestyles, it is also waterproof.

The Sony W250 Walkman comes in a choice of different colors which include, pink, green, black and white and in a range of storage sizes which include 2GB and 4GB.

It will support the majority of music file formats including MP3, WMA, AAC an Linear PCM, and comes with a built in rechargeable battery, that can be quickly recharged in just three minutes, from the three minute charge you will get up to 90 minutes of music playback.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Matchbox Car Doubles As A Spy Cam

If you have a thing for spy gadgets and toy cars, well then you’re in luck. Brando has released a toy car that happens to have a camcorder built directly into it. I couldn’t really guess as to what you’d really need it for, but perhaps you have someone you’re just dying to catch in the act. Then again, you might just want to be able to brag to your buddies that you own a spy camera.

The tiny car comes with a vehicle power adapter, a USB adapter and a very strange looking tripod. I can’t say that I’d recommend using the tripod if you want to keep the car from being inspected too closely though. It also has motion detection and controls built into the wheels themselves. The pinhole lens is on the front of the car and the microSD slot is built into the trunk. It offers 29 FPS at 1280 by 960 pixel resolution.

Getting A Solid Internet Connection

The Internet is almost like a basic necessity for me. Some might just agree with me on this. You get so many advantages from using the internet (if used properly). One example is, you don’t have to buy cd’s or dvd’s of movies you would like to watch because you can stream movies on the internet for free. Another thing is you can download files like mp3’s for your music player or eBooks for school. You can even communicate with people far away through the internet. These are only examples of the many benefits you can get from the internet. That’s why having a solid internet connection is very important for me so that I can get all these things without thinking of any delays or temporary disconnections.

Luckily, I found an internet provider that can solve these issues. With WildBlue, a satellite internet service provider, you don’t have to worry about these predicaments. Wild Blue offers you high speed internet access over satellite to virtually everywhere in the U.S. Yes, just because you live out in the country doesn't mean you can’t experience high speed, undisrupted internet connections. It’s all possible with WildBlue. You can visit their site and learn more about it. They have affordable offers with low monthly service fees.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

MotionLites Light Up Your Wheels

If you spent a huge amount of money on your car alloys/rims, you might like to know you can now show them off even after dark with MotionLite wheel illuminations.

MotionLites are created from LED lights mounted on to 6″ retractable arms fitted in the wheel wells. To activate simply press a button on the remote to extend the arms into position and flash off your rims with seven different hues of illumination.

The MotionLite illumination kits start at $500.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Coffee Table Changes Color

Most coffee tables out there don’t have a single electronic function, they just hold things. Well this Light Beam Coffee Table is packed full of LED lights to give you an interesting light show.

There are no videos of the table in action, but it does change colors. They also don’t mention if you choose how quickly it changes or if it just slowly cycles through them all on its own. The table is made of reclaimed teak and was actually inspired by railway sleepers.

iPad Reaches Over 300,000 in US

We knew that the Apple iPad was going to be a hit, and the final sales figures proved it – Apple announced that the fruity company moved over 300,000 iPads in the US alone as of midnight last Saturday. Among these include deliveries of pre-ordered iPads to customers, deliveries to channel partners and sales at Apple Retail Stores. Apart from that, Apple also announced that over one million apps were downloaded by iPad users from Apple’s App Store, and there were plenty of voracious readers among them as well – we’re talking about over 250,000 ebooks being purchased from its iBookstore during the first day. Were you one of the lucky ones to pick up an iPad during launch day, or do you think this is just a bunch of hyperbole?

Welcome To All

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Tiny Wind Powered Supercharger

A company called Humdinger has developed a tiny wind powered supercharger that fits in the palm of your hand. The Microbelt small-scale wind charger it actually ten times more efficient at generating energy from wind that any other devices its size. It doesn’t actually feature a turbine but instead it uses “aero elastic flutter and vibration of a membrane” for wind power. The actual amount of energy generated by the device is small though but it is incredibly efficient.

It can output two milliwatts of power when the wind is blowing at a rate of about 5.5 meters per second, which is a sufficient power to run transit monitoring sensors. Which means it would remove the need for batteries completely. The devices could also be used in other applications. For example if you were able to put enough of these on an electric car, it would be able to generate enough power to charge the cars battery whilst the vehicle is moving. Imagine an electric car that recharges itself every time you drive it, without the need to ever plug it into an external power source, it would also mean that electric cars would be able to cover greater distances, at the moment they need to be recharged after every couple of hundred miles.

Instant Trend Watch Concept

The Tokyoflash Instant Trend Watch is designed to receive Twitter and Facebook updates and display them on the built in screen via Bluetooth from your Smartphone or mobile phone. As usual it features a funky watch display that will take some brain power to work out what time it is. The time is displayed in blocks, there are twelve blocks displayed for every hour, and then five blocks for groups of ten minutes, plus it also features the time and date.

This is definitely one of the coolest concepts we have seen for Tokyoflash, let’s hope they put this one into production as it would be cool to have your Twitter updates displayed on your watch.

Home Buyer Tax Credit Now Extended!

Great news for all the first time homebuyers and now, even the homeowners who wish to move on! The federal income tax credit for homebuyers has just been extended. But now, they have also lengthened it to take in homeowners who desire to "move on" after 5 years of living in the current property they reside. It’s an offer you really can’t ignore guys.

What benefits can you get from this home buyer tax credit? Well for the first time homebuyers or those who haven’t owned in the last three years, they can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit! That’s already a big amount to help you start a new productive life. And for the homeowners who have lived in a present home successively for 5 of the last 8 years, they can receive up to a $6,500 tax credit! They’ve also increased the income caps to $125,000 for singles and $225,000 for married couples with a $20,000 phase-out of the credit for both.

This move by the government will not only benefit the homebuyers but this is also a good thing for the economy. Why? Because according to statistics, every time a home is sold, it creates one job over the next 12 month period and approximately $60,000 goes in to the local economy. Housing is really vital to the economy. For more details about this excellent offer, you can watch the short video below. It’s time for home hunting guys!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Queue for the Apple Ipad

The Apple iPad won’t go on sale for another two days (Saturday April the 3rd 2010) but it seems like people have already started lining up for Apple’s new device.

So far there is just one person in the queue at Apple’s flagship store in New York and that happens to be Greg Packer; the guy who was first in line for the Apple’s iPhone and it seems like he is also determined to be the first to get hands on the new iPad. This guy is truly an Apple fan. Steve Jobs must send one for free for the guy you know. It would be a big gesture if apple would do such a thing. Funny thing is, he has no great reason for buying the iPad. Just watch video below.

If you are off to the New York Apple store to get your iPad on Saturday, I guess you will be queuing up behind Greg Packer, as no doubt he will still be first in line in two days time.

Choosing the Best Internet Hosting Provider

Finding the right web host is quite an upsetting thing to do. Yes, there are lots of web hosts you can see on the internet but not all of them or should I say just only a few of them offer the best that you can get. There is still plenty of stuff to mull over before selecting the right web host. I’ll share some things I know to help you guys find the right one. Let’s start by defining meticulously the words ‘web hosting’.

Web hosting is the means for ordinary folks and companies to build and put together their own websites which are then accessible to the World Wide Web (Internet). The companies that provide these are called Web hosts. They supply space on a server they hold or lease, for use by their customers as well as providing Internet connectivity.

Now let’s move to choosing the right web host. When it comes to choosing the internet hosting provider for their websites, the majority of business owners know very slight about making the best internet/web hosting decisions. My first tip is: ‘Do not make the price your only priority’. This is very essential because when you start to over-prioritize the price, you run the threat of ending up with a host that will give you with a link to the internet and a very small support. Second tip: ‘You make sure the host is flexible’. It is important that the provider recognizes how significant quality servers are to their clients' businesses. Find a web host provider that has a huge amount of experience and knowledge to hold up a wide selection of applications and can carry that skill to you through their services.

So these are just some of the many things you have to think about before choosing the web host you want. After considering all those stuff, then you’re good to go. There are sites that provide a list of webhosting services and their corresponding reviews to help you like You’ll also get the latest news and trends about web hosting here. You can start by visiting them if you want. I think that’s about it. Hope you guys can find the perfect web host and can start your very own site for business or even just for personal use.