Friday, January 30, 2009

slimmest notebook..

In considering a notebook, we always look at its performance and specs. Very technical isn't it? Well, that's good coz we don't really want a low performing notebook, do we? ^.^ But have you considered both performance and style? Ever wanted to have the slimmest notebook but still high performing? You might want to consider Apple's MacBook Air
This not just like any other previous MacBook. MacBook Air is better in graphics and performance with its Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 6MB on-chip shared L2 cache, 2GB of RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor with 256 MB SDRAM shared with main memory.
MacBook Air is also a sleek slim style notebook with just a thickness of 0.16-0.76 inches. It has a 13.3 inch LED  - backlit widescreen display and a full-size backlit keyboard with ambient light sensor for automatic adjustment of keyboard illumination. Amazing isn't it? ^.^ But that's not all. MacBook Air has also a wider trackpad with Multi - Touch gesture support. 
One thing you'll notice about the MacBook Air though is that it has no optical drive. Well, there's no need because with its bluetooth features, it can control other optical drives of other MacBooks.

I wish i also had one of these (T.T) but maybe i'll just have to keep dreaming ^.^
For those notebook lovers out there, maybe you can try to have a look at this one.
It's one of the Best!!! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Introducing Core i7...

Just a few months ago, Intel released their new processor, the  Intel® Core™ i7. It is now believed to be the "fastest" processor in the planet. Wonder why? Let me tell you a lil' about the specs. 
Basically, Core™ i7 was built for faster multitasking. You can open multiple applications at a time without experiencing lagging. i7 has both Turbo Boost technology and Hyper-Threading technology by Intel. It has three models: 920,940,965(Extereme Edition). Here are the specs:

Core i7 920Core i7 940Core i7 EE 965
Transistors731 million
731 million731 million
Core (Threads)
4 (8)4 (8)4 (8)
Clock Speed
2.66 GHz2.93 GHz3.2 GHz
L2 Cache4x 256KB4x 256KB4x 256KB
L3 Cache8 MB shared
8 MB shared
8 MB shared
QPI4.8 GT/s4.8 GT/s6.4 GT/s
Memory Controller
DDR3-800/1066, Triple Ch
DDR3-800/1066, Triple Ch
DDR3-800/1066, Triple Ch
Price (1000-unit)

amazing isn't it? Just imagine what you can do with these babies!
But the price really hurts though..^.^

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Laser Flashlight!

Check out this cool home made laser flashlight!.. It can light up a match quickly and even pops a balloon!.. :) 
Using only the laser diode of a 16x DVD player. How innovative.. lol.. :)

Laser Flashlight Hack! - Funny blooper videos are here

Cool Isn't it?.. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I was this close in getting my first ever license.. :(

   Hello everyone! I just came home from a seminar in the Land Transportation Office. The seminar was required in order to get my first ever driver's license. The seminar took almost half a day and it was all about traffic rules, road signs, everything about driving. I was very happy and very excited because right after the seminar, they would immediately give the license :) 
Then,  finally! After hours of waiting, the seminar was over. Yehey!  They were calling the names of the persons who were getting their license. I was waiting for my name to be called but i didn't hear even a slight hint. So, i talked to the person in charge. They searched my driver's license but unfortunately, they didn't find it. When they looked at my receipt, they found out that i applied for my license last August and the licenses for the applicants last August didn't arrive yet :( 
I was very frustrated when they said that to me. But, looking at the bright side, I learned a few things about driving :) and I'm only just gonna wait till my license arrives. Well, I guest I'll have to be a lil' more patient until I get my hands on my license :)         

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nokia's first touchscreen!

Check out this first touchscreen phone from my favorite cellphone maker, Nokia! 
It's really cool! It has a 3.2 megapixel camera. Although not the best but its still good quality picture, an amazing music player and very good quality built-in sound system! Not only that,     the phone has a default 8G microSD memory and its expandable up to 16G!
This is really a great cellular phone that suites everybody out there! 
I really wish i had one of these(sigh). But I'm still wishing that I'll have one though. :) 

Below is a video tour on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.
Check it out!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The fastest car in the world?

Many people still think that the beast, the Bugatti Veyron built by the Volkswagen Group is still the fastest car running around the streets. Having a top speed of 253.2 mph (407.9 kph) and accelerates from 0 - 62 mph in 2.5 seconds, no wonder people lock their eyes on this thing. Well, think again. Ladies and Gentlemen, the king has been officially dethroned.
Let me introduce to you the new leader on the streets, the Barabus TKR. Made by the Barabus Sportscars Ltd, It has a top speed of 270 mph (435 kph) and not only that, its acceleration is amazing! It can do 0 - 60 mph in just 1.67 seconds. It has definitely surpassed the Bugatti Veyron. 
But many controversies are still lurking around about what is really the fastest car in the world. Rumors say that the Barabus TKR is a fake. Well, there is one thing for sure. The Bugatti Veyron is still the most expensive car in the world. Its value ranges from $1 - $2 million dollars.         

my template..

Finally! I have picked my blogger template! It's just free though. :) But that's good enough for me. I love techi stuffs like cars, cellphones, computers, etc. though i don't have much of my own. I chose this for my template so that you will have an idea on what topics i would be writing. Still, I'm in the process of making my blog uhmm.. attractive to my viewers. ;) I'm still exploring around and trying some new stuffs. I'll be updating my blog soon. Ciao!    

the beginning..

A last! I have successfully created my very own blog. :) Although this wasn't my first. I had a blog when i was in high school. I only created that coz it was a requirement in one of my subjects. :| a little weird isn't it? But now I'm back! coz I heard from one of my friends that I could earn money from blogging! but that's not just my reason though. I also want to express my thoughts and feelings on the web. Well, so far so good for me. :) Yehey! Hope this blog will last a lifetime and hope i can earn an extra income on this ;)