Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One of a Kind PC

Can you believe that this PC alone cost $16,000?!!!! To H*** with this thing!!! But anyways, I'd just like to share this CRAZY PC to you.^.^ 
This enormous thing features four, take note.. FOUR Quad Core Opteron processors, 32GB!!! of RAM and eight!!! hard drives in various RAID configurations. OMG!.. Just imgagine what you can do with this PC. This was built by the guys at Puget Systems. I don't who and where these guys come from.^.^
As you can see from the photos, the $16,000 PC features a custom water cooling system, with a massive external radiator which features nine 120mm fans.
The massive external fans run at 5V which means they are almost silent, but they manage to keep the processors running at 45 degrees C under full load and at 36 degrees C at idle.
The $16,000 PC features two VelociRaptor hard drives in RAID 1 and six 1TB hard drives in Raid 5, that is a serious amount of hardware in one single PC.^.^  


dragon 29 said...

That seems like the computer of the Gods to me...

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