Saturday, January 16, 2010

A $2 million petite robot

Are you kidding me?! $2 million just for a single stick like bird robot? Hmmm, well actually it’s a hummingbird robot. Some Japanese researcher from the Chiba University in Japan has unveiled it and its cost is over an overwhelming $2 million to develop. Yes, and it’s not a typographical error.

The robot is about the dimensions of a real hummingbird and it can fly like a real one, and flap its wings at up to thirty times per second (that’s fast), it has four wings and a micro motor which powers the wings.

The hummingbird robot is controlled via infrared, and it can fly up and down and even in a figure of eight, and according to Professor Liu the tiny robot is more stable than a helicopter.

The robot is designed to be used in search and rescue missions and they intend to add a micro video camera to the 10cm long robot, it could even be used in collapsed buildings to search for people who have been trapped.

This could be very useful for the recent Haiti earthquake tragedy. Speaking of the latter, I really hope everything in Haiti will be ok and I also hope everybody will have the strength to move on in time. God Bless!


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