Thursday, February 18, 2010

Speed Your PC Up w/ RegWork

Want to speed up your computer? Well you don't have to pay a technician huge amounts of money to do so. With RegWork, the power for a smooth running and error free PC is our your hands!

The registry editor is a part in your computer that stores information regarding system hardware and software configuration, system and network settings, and user profiles. So with every PC activity, such as installing, uninstalling, utilizing applications and changing display settings, it creates an entry or “keys” within the registry. At the same time, when an entry is no longer used – like when you uninstall a software or close an application – that particular entry is removed. At times, these keys are not deleted properly and overtime clutters the registry leading to a number of performance problems like a very slow booting process, Activex/ DLL errors, frequent system freeze with the infamous blue screen of death.

If you have encountered any of these dilemmas, it is time for you to take action towards a clean registry. RegWork is a registry cleaner software that provides a one click scan that identifies and cleans up any unwanted entry in your entire registry! The software also offers a backup feature for all repaired files for easy recovery.


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