Thursday, April 1, 2010

Queue for the Apple Ipad

The Apple iPad won’t go on sale for another two days (Saturday April the 3rd 2010) but it seems like people have already started lining up for Apple’s new device.

So far there is just one person in the queue at Apple’s flagship store in New York and that happens to be Greg Packer; the guy who was first in line for the Apple’s iPhone and it seems like he is also determined to be the first to get hands on the new iPad. This guy is truly an Apple fan. Steve Jobs must send one for free for the guy you know. It would be a big gesture if apple would do such a thing. Funny thing is, he has no great reason for buying the iPad. Just watch video below.

If you are off to the New York Apple store to get your iPad on Saturday, I guess you will be queuing up behind Greg Packer, as no doubt he will still be first in line in two days time.


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