Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In-Car MP3 Player & Wireless FM Radio Transmitter

Hello everyone! Let me tell you about this awesome gadget! This MP3 player wireless FM transmitter allows you to listen to the MP3 music saved on your USB flash drive or SD card in your car. Now you can enjoy your MP3 music collection without having to spend money to upgrade your car stereo. It plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and plays your music through the car's stereo. Just plug in a USB flash drive with your favorite MP3s stored on it, and your all your tunes will instantly begin playing over the radio! This device also accepts SD/MMC cards (SD high capacity compatible) for maximum compatibility. This wireless transmitter broadcasts on the full spectrum of the FM band (over 200 stations), allowing you to choose the clearest stations to broadcast your music.
Another convenient feature of this MP3 transmitter is the included remote control. The slim, compact remote is perfect for storage in your car's visor, and allows you to conveniently control the unit from anywhere in the car. You can play, pause and skip songs with the remote, and even change the transmitting station. When playing MP3s, this unit displays information about the song the song title, minutes elapsed, etc. It also has selectable equalizer settings to suit your musical preference.


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