Sunday, February 1, 2009

left your keys?.. not a problem..

Hey guyz! Check out this cool discovery. Left your keys inside the car and already locked it? Forgot to bring the extra remote keys? Well, not a problem anymore. If your car is equipped with a remote keyless entry system, then you can just activate it using your very own cellphone. How? For example: If you left your extra remote keys at home, you can just simply call someone in your house say your wife, and just tell her to press the unlock button near her phone. Also you have to be near to your car for it to be activated. And there you go! it's unlocked!
Well, i haven't tried this actually but my auntie said that this works coz they tried it once. This is one interesting stuff. ^.^  Wanna try it? Check out the video below..'.' 


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