Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feel at Ease with BrickHouse Alert

Even if you’re now a mother or a father in your own family, still as a child to your parents, we always think of their safety and wonder how they are doing right now in their homes alone. You know how it is if you now have your own family. You have your responsibilities with them and you don’t have time anymore to check on your parents. It would have been nice if there was a way to watch out for them everyday. Good thing Brick House Alert is here to help out with their new "life alert" product.

Their new invention basically has a very good purpose for people especially the elder ones. Their "life alert" package not only provides remedial emergency response 24/7 when elders experience life threatening scenarios, it also has interesting add-ons like a monitored smoke detector, intruder alarm and many more. One thing that interests me most is their fall alert. When you fall down, the fall detector automatically senses it and calls the 24-hour monitoring center. This is indeed a very useful and practical thing to invest on. Why don’t you try this for your parents or even grandparents too? It’s very worth it.


Quick Sale said...

Actually this kind of products should be purchased by NGOs to provide them to needy people.

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