Friday, August 21, 2009

Power-up with Direct TV

“Man, you’re no doubt a couch potato.” My best friend would often chide. And he’s quite right. My cable connection just went kapoof last week so I had to invade his pad just to watch the season ender of Lost. That’s where I finally decided to rid myself of cable connections. I mean, cable connections are good but why on earth would I settle for something “good” when there’s another thing out there that offers superb services? And I’m talking about HD Television. My pal subscribes to this Direct TV package where he gets to enjoy over TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE channels monthly! He also has this awesome-looking Direct TV satellite dish outside, sitting atop his balcony like a real beauty. He told me that he could get access to The Movie Channel, FLIX, Sundance, and Encore – not that these channels appeal to me, really, but I’m quite sure they would to my mom though. He also prides his digital video recorder which could record up to 100 hours of airtime.

I was so envious that I decided to cut my cable connection at home and subscribe to Direct TV the very next day. And mind you, the Direct TV service was fast. In less that three months, I was able to enjoy the high-definition, digital quality of my television experience. Thanks to the Direct TV system, I need not barge my best pal’s peaceful living no longer.


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