Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Rain Drum Concept

If you’ve ever enjoyed the way the rain sounds when it hits a metal roof, then you’ll love this umbrella. It keeps you dry, but not like other umbrellas. Others just give soft little pitter patters, whereas this one will sound more like a drum. Sure, you’ll probably make everyone else around you a little crazy, but at least you’ll have a little rhythm while you’re out walking in the rain.

The umbrella has all sorts of sections on it that makes it look a bit like a toy drum set. Each one of those parts will make a different sound when the raindrops hit. It has a snare, tom-tom and bass drum. Plus a crash symbol and a hi-hat symbol. Of course this is only a pretty little concept design as of now, so there won’t be any way to purchase it for a while if ever.


ritz said...

hhhahhaa... i would never buy this kind of umbrella.. haha

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