Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mix your Drink w/ Style

I know this is not a practical gadget nowadays but if you have extra money to spend, you might want to look at this.^.^ This gadget simplyyyyyyyy.............mixes stuff!!!!!^.^ yehey!!! buUut, w/ style ofcourse.^.^ You'll get some benefits from it too.
These will make sure your drinks get mixed well and look good doing it.  The whirling tornado in the center would even be fun for the kids to watch.^.^  After all, you could mix all sorts of things in it, even silly things like chocolate milk.  When it comes time to clean it, you won’t have to worry about putting much effort into the cleaning process either.^.^ Want this one?.. 


sweet_shelo said...

wow, another cool gadget.. unique mixer eh??? hehe

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