Monday, April 6, 2009

Pillow Keyboard

   This has to be the ultimate keyboard, combining a keyboard with a pillow, allowing you to work at your desk, and take the occassional nap. With the Pillow Keyboard you would never have to leave your desk again, the next time you want to take a nap just rest your head on this fun keyboard.^.^ 

It looks like the Pillow Keyboard is just a prototype at the moment, so you cant but one just yet.^.^



Dorothy L said... know you have no life or a way to busy life have special pillow for your keyboard.
Thanks for the smile and congrats on your first $$$$!

Have an awesome day :)

^^JaMA said...

haha.. this would be perfect for me. i hope this will be available in the market soon.. LOL :D

sweet_shelo said...

woahhh!!! What is that.. Amazing.. Whoever made that must have a lot of stressing time while working.. A little funny to think if I will be using it.. Ha ha

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