Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dell Latitude Notebook

Sure is great to have one of these for schoool this coming semester. This would be very useful for us. Anyways, this is the Dell Latitude 2100 especially designed for the education market. Aside from the assorted colors, it has a rubberized case, vent-free bottom and an optional carrying strap making it more durable and easy to carry around. This is really built for the needs of the students. If your interested in this notebook, these are some of the specs.

- Intel Atom N270 processor 
- Up to 1GB fixed RAM; Additional memory slot to accommodate up to 2GB RAM total 
- Display: 1024x576 LED screen, optional touch screen 
- Storage options: standard hard drive options up to 250GB; SSD drive up to 16GB 
- Battery: 3 and 6-cell battery options 
- Wired Connectivity: 10/100/1000Mb Gigabit Ethernet 
- Wireless Connectivity: 802.11g standard, option 802.11n 
- Ports: 3 USB, VGA, headphone/speaker out, mic 
- Expansion slot: SD/ MMC card reader   


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