Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Want Free SMS?

Sending messages via SMS (Short Message Service) is very popular nowadays. Aside from its simplicity, it’s also less expensive than calling someone just to tell something that’s so short. Here in our place, we use SMS via our cellphones everyday. That’s so true because all network providers here offer special privileges for SMS that are really affordable for the masses. It’s like it’s almost free. But wouldn’t it be greater if you totally have free SMS in your place? Well, you might want to try online SMS
To know if this privilege is available in your place, you may perhaps want to visit ‘fee-sms.us’. The site has a list of address’ that offer free SMS to your country. But that’s not all they have. They also include a roll of sites that offer paid and bulk SMS services. Aside from its more stable, it’s less expensive and you can type faster. You can visit the site yourself to know more.


Technology Professional Org said...

Thanks for sharing the site. I will definitely share this to all my SMS fanatic friends.

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