Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gaining Popularity in Web Directories

Just starting to make a new site? Want to make it popular? There are actually plenty of ways to gain popularity of your site. Just for example, if yours is a personal blog, then you can register it to blog directories and if you have time, you can visit other blogs as well and make friends. They will be your constants visitors to your site. If you do this, you will gain reputation little by little.

But in general, what are the ways in promoting a site (even it’s a blog or not)? Well, one common thing that site owners usually do is submitting their website in web directories. Now what is a web directory? First of all, it’s not a search engine. A web directory is simply a site that contains a list and links of websites by category and subcategory. But how does this help in gaining popularity?

To begin with, web directories are helpful means in endorsing a site particularly for websites that rely on search engines to gain guests or visitors. The site’s link from web directories help increase it’s (the site) rankings inside search engine results. Gaining backlinks from other websites is an important first step when promoting a web site. You should remember that. There is no limit as to how many web directories you can submit your site. But take note, not all web directories are free. Yes, there are paid web directories. Although as expected, you get more benefits from paid web directories. But if you’re not planning to make your site that popular, just stick with the free web directory.

Once your submission is acknowledged in a web directory, a link to your website will appear in the web directory and this will start promoting the website. So don’t forget to submit your site!


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