Saturday, October 3, 2009

A New MMORPG: Aion Online

Good news for all the MMORPG players out there! There’s another inimitable and attention-grabbing online game that you will surely find irresistible to play with. And that would be in the name of Aion™ Online. There are plenty of interesting things and other stuff that Aion™ Online has to offer. But I’ll just give you an overview of the entire game. I don’t want to ruin all the excitement you know.

To start with, aion is a story about the harsh conflict among the Angelic realm and the Demonic realm and the never-ending battle with the Draconic race that is threatening all of these. Now this is one new things that Aion offers. Before selecting the class you desire, you have to decide what race you will be in. There are two races to choose from, the Elyos which is the angelic realm and the Asmodians which is the demonic realm. After that, the class. There are four aion classes namely the Warrior (close combat specialist), the Scout (versatile and assassin speed), the Mage (magic masters) and the Priest (supporter and healer). Choose the class that best compliments your style of play. Another new feature that only Aion has is that you get to revise your own character. You can modify the face, the body and even the voice of your character.

This is one game that gamers can’t just let it pass. You really have to try this one guys! So, I’ll see you at Atreia!