Saturday, October 3, 2009

Improve Your PC Performance

It’s amazing how people develop computers so fast and make them much faster and smaller than before. And as consumers, we really don’t want to settle on our old sluggish PC. We always seek out for higher speeds but the problem is, latest specs are always pricey and some people just can’t afford the worth. But don’t just give up yet on your old PC. You can still improve its performance till you can afford a better one. Wondering how? Here are some useful tips in enhancing computer performance.

First stop is to clean your windows registry. Now I know this sounds only good for those PC experts but there are useful and trusted programs out there that will help you do this job. This is an essential thing to do.

Next is emptying the Recycle Bin. This time I’m sure all of us know how to do this. Emptying your recycle bin gives more free space in your hard drive and thus making your PC performance a little faster.

Then remove unused programs. Those unused programs still occupy space in your hard drive leading to slow performance. It is important to uninstall these programs to have more disk space.

Lastly is disk defragmentation. When Windows stores programs on your PC hard drive it saves fragments of files to the nearest empty spaces. This slows down your PC as it has to spend time hunting down the fragments and piecing files together. Just run the windows disk defragmenter and it’ll do the rest.

There are still many ways to help improve PC performance. These are just the few but necessary things that you should do. Try these and you will surely feel the difference.


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